Bill Ferehawk collaborated with Vermont based artist Alisa Dworsky on an exhibition for Burlington City Arts.

Job Site is a multimedia installation that explores the drawing and choreography inherent in architecture. This room-sized installation captures the embedded and often overlooked moments of mark making and movement that animate the creation of buildings such as stray hammer marks or snapped chalk lines. Incorporating paper, graphite, wood and video projection, Job Site honors the tradition of wood frame construction while revealing the mystery beneath the surface of everyday structures that surround and protect us.



Released today.  Radiant’s spot for start-up banking disruptor, Joust.

Hey freelancers, this bank is for you!



November 14, 2018 – Las Vegas.  Dylan and Bill screened scenes from Project Impossible and discussed the process of making the series at Autodesk University 2018. Following the screening were questions moderated by Jeremy Cohen and Anton Germishuizen.

Three crews from Radiant are currently in production all over the globe: shooting stories in sub-zero temperatures at the Arctic Circle, underneath Mexico City, around the failed nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, at a devastated coastal town in northern Japan, and in a remote Columbian rain forest. Production teams will shoot in 17 countries. Here are some photos coming in.

Radiant’s Bill Ferehawk and artist David Hartwell were commissioned to produce a piece for the opening of the new Wende Museum. Vessel of Change is a triptych inspired by the global political theater of the Cold War. Based on the historic Malta Summit (AKA: “Seasick Summit”) Vessel expands upon this historic meeting by magnifying the primal forces that fueled Cold War ideologies. Supported by the Graham Foundation.

Video, acrylic on metal panels, glass mirror (12′ x 6′).

On view at the Wende Museum, November 18, 2017 to April 30, 2018.


Radiant’s Bill Ferehawk and artist David Hartwell opened a solo show titled MEDIAN at the WUHO Gallery on Sunset Boulevard. The exhibition is presented the the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design and sponsored by Epson.

MEDIAN is an immersive video and audio installation on both walls of the exhibition space, projected nearly life sized, that renders everyday collisions of contexts that make Los Angeles endlessly surprising and challenging. But concealed behind the familiar frame of Los Angeles, lies a potentially disruptive and subversive canvas, positioning the viewer in the most privileged and uninhabitable location in Los Angeles—the middle of the road. From here, MEDIAN presents a peculiar moving image view of the social and material proximities of Los Angeles, exploring a myriad of urban audio-visual-scapes, and draws out new perceptions and interpretations of the urban experience.

Video projection, 30′ x 5′ on each wall.

The show runs from July 16 to August 25.


Radiant Features closed a deal today to produce an original factual series for A+E’s flagship channel History. Dylan Robertson and Bill Ferehawk will be show creators and executive producers for Radiant Features, John Verhoff will be executive producer for History, and Autodesk will be the series sponsor. History will license 10 episodes (10×60) for the first season. “We are incredibly excited to be working with both History and Autodesk on this series,” says Ferehawk. “History has long been a leader in this genre and Autodesk brings an exciting perspective to the process of engineering.” The series, currently titled Project Impossible, will be broadcast globally on History in 2018.

April 29, 2015 – Los Angeles.

Justin Jampol (left) founder of the Wende Museum stands with Bill Ferehawk, Brain Davis, and Dylan Robertson at a private screening of Radiant’s film “Collecting Fragments.” Lying on the couches in the front was most relaxing. Many thanks to Jason and Gara Post for sponsoring and hosting the event.

(left to right: Justin Jampol, Bill Ferehawk, Brian Davis, Dylan Robertson)

March 31, 2015 – New York. A&E Networks has bumped up Panama Canal Supersized to their flagship network, the History Channel. The program will premiere April 11 at 9PM as a special edition of Modern Marvels. Watch Trailer


January 25, 2015 – Park City, Utah.

Radiant crew is pictured here with director Louise Osmond, talking about her documentary film Dark Horse, winner of the Sundance Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary 2015. Many thanks to our talented crew for their fantastic work this year: Judy Newman, Denver Harward, Travis McIntosh, Katie Bormaster, Patrick Connolly.

Films covered this year: Umrika (Audience Award Dramatic), Dark Horse (Audience Award Documentary), Wild Tales (Academy Award Nominee), Cloro, The Second Mother, The Visit, Bob and the Trees, Ivy, Chorus, Strangerland.

Check out some of these pieces on our Work page.