Panama Canal Supersized Gets Deconstructed


April 9, 2015. Kudos to Jennifer Walden for writing a fantastic article about the Panama Canal Supersized in Post Perspectives. Here is an excerpt: “Have you noticed just how casually people throw around the word ‘epic’ these days? For example, ‘That burrito I just ate was epic!’ Or, ‘That concert I went to last night was…MORE

Panama Canal Supersized Premieres on History


March 24, 2015 – The 5.5 billion expansion project of the Panama Canal is revealed for the first time in “Panama Canal Supersized,” a one-hour special airing on History’s “Modern Marvels” at 9 pm ET / PT Saturday evening, April 11, 2015. Radiant Features filmmakers Dylan Robertson and Bill Ferehawk seamlessly integrate time lapse, drone…MORE

Panama Canal Special Bumped Up to History Channel


March 31, 2015 – New York. A&E Networks has bumped up Panama Canal Supersized to their flagship network, the History Channel. The program will premiere April 11 at 9PM as a special edition of Modern Marvels. Watch Trailer  

Radiant at Sundance 2015


January 25, 2015 – Park City, Utah. Radiant crew is pictured here with director Louise Osmond, talking about her documentary film Dark Horse, winner of the Sundance Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary 2015. Many thanks to our talented crew for their fantastic work this year: Judy Newman, Denver Harward, Travis McIntosh, Katie Bormaster, Patrick…MORE

Competing Utopias Opens at Neutra House


July 12, 2014 – Neutra VDL House, Los Angeles. Radiant’s Bill Ferehawk co-curated this experimental installation about Cold War modern design with the Wende Museum and Neutra VDL House. Coverage of the installation in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, LA Magazine and KCRW got the word out, drawing hundreds of people to the…MORE

Rotterdam Architecture Biennale


May, 2014  – Rotterdam, Netherlands. Radiant produced a short art film for the Vernon City Project at this year’s International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam . The film titled Vernon Food is a poetic exploration of the city of Vernon, an “exclusively industrial” city that packages and distributes food to Los Angeles. Many thanks to Orhan Ayyuce, curator of Vernon City Project, and Los…MORE

Panama Canal Special Starts Production


April 10, 2014 – Panama City and Colon, Panama. Radiant is in production on a one hour special for the History Channel about the expansion of the Panama Canal. Currently the existing locks are not large enough for the growing fleet of very large container ships. A new super-sized set of locks is currently under construction…MORE

Radiant at Sundance 2014


January 21, 2014 – Park City, Utah. Many thanks to our talented crew for their fantastic work this year! Back on the mountain producing programming for AMC/Sundance Channel Global. This year the crew came from Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Provo. Starting left: Matt Fuller (Editor and DP); Bill Ferehawk (Producer); Jonathan Flint (Audio); Dylan…MORE



September 25, 2013 – Los Angeles. The Wende Museum, Archive of the Cold War, commissioned Radiant to write and edit a 30 minute documentary film shot in Berlin and Los Angeles. Collecting Fragments is a road trip through the abandoned Cold War remains of East Germany. The story connects us to the complicated lives of…MORE



August 17, 2013 – Los Angeles. Radiant just finished principal photography for the first episode of PBS Math Club. This is an educational web series for PBS Digital Studios. I think everyone had a lot of fun shooting this. We look forward to nine more episodes! Many thanks to the PBS Digital Studios folks, for…MORE