Video Installation at WUHO Gallery


Radiant’s Bill Ferehawk and artist David Hartwell opened a solo show titled MEDIAN at the WUHO Gallery on Sunset Boulevard. The exhibition is presented the the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design and sponsored by Epson.

MEDIAN is an immersive video and audio installation on both walls of the exhibition space, projected nearly life sized, that renders everyday collisions of contexts that make Los Angeles endlessly surprising and challenging. But concealed behind the familiar frame of Los Angeles, lies a potentially disruptive and subversive canvas, positioning the viewer in the most privileged and uninhabitable location in Los Angeles—the middle of the road. From here, MEDIAN presents a peculiar moving image view of the social and material proximities of Los Angeles, exploring a myriad of urban audio-visual-scapes, and draws out new perceptions and interpretations of the urban experience.

Video projection, 30′ x 5′ on each wall.

The show runs from July 16 to August 25.